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This image is now a familiar site across the whole of Britain, peoples homes with Solar Panels installed upon them, everyone that invested in Solar Energy in the last 6 years did so on the understanding that they would pay for themselves and REDUCE their power bills and help the planet. The facts are that in some cases they will eventually pay for themselves and well may reduce some owners power bills.

The other side of this business is the HUGE scam that took place during the boom years, where many people were sold these panels by dodgy salesman who were simply in the business to earn huge commissions on a week by week basis.

The list of these type of companies is well documented on the internet, one of the largest scam companies were “ Solar Energy Savings Ltd “ they were based in Manchester and commenced trading in early 2011, they achieved a turnover of £50 million in just over 14 months before being closed down by the Government Department “Insolvency Service “  they were closed down in the public interest.

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